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Fb is entering the home companies market. My predominant concern is that this speech shall be THE technique of the Obama international coverage as a substitute of a part of an total technique to reassert U.S. leadership internationally. While I don’t feel the president went on an “apology tour,” I do not imagine that this speech alone or the emotions behind it will be an effective mindset to promulgate throughout the world. I am hesitant to deal with “the Muslim world,” as a result of our pursuits and our relationships fluctuate so vastly from nation to country. Iran is a Muslim country simply as much as Egypt, but Egypt is one of our closest mates, is usually Arab and Sunni, whereas Iran is one of our most threatening adversaries, is usually Persian, and mostly Shi’a. To group these countries together in the identical speech and lumping them collectively as “the Muslim world” doesn’t do us any good. We need to perceive the differences and use them to our strategic benefit at any time when potential.

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Amid partisan bluster, prime members of Congress and President Barack Obama have been holding out slim hopes for a restricted fiscal deal …

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