Oven Roasted Vegetables for Fall

Make these easy oven roasted vegetables with your fall garden harvest: sweet potatoes, cauliflower, acorn squash, brussel sprouts, and carrots combine with onion, garlic, and herbs for a savory delicious and healthy fall side dish! 

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Oven Roasted Fall Vegetables Remodelaholic

Oven Roasted Fall Vegetables

Fall is a wonderful time to harvest the last vegetables from your garden or enjoy the last few weeks of the farmers’ market.

Many people don’t realize that some vegetables that are available in the grocery store year round are actually local

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Cool Ways To Update A Kitchen With A Glass Backsplash

Ceramic tiles, bricks, mosaic stones, wood, metal, marble and even simple paint or wallpaper are all trendy options when it comes to kitchen backsplashes. To that we can add a bunch of options, one of which is glass. It’s not as popular as the others but seeing how beautiful it can look we have to say that we’re falling in love with it. As it turns out, a glass backsplash is an excellent feature for modern and contemporary kitchens and the reasons for that are numerous, starting with the look.

The pros and cons of Glass Backsplash


  • The
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