15 Good Kitchen Colors That Will Take You Through Every Season


Kitchen demos and renovations are probably the most popular type of home renovation. You can transform your entire home with a good kitchen renovation. Especially if you have one of the increasingly popular open concept homes. An open concept living room and kitchen can make your home look bigger, but they also make one room dependent on the other. But how can you find the right scheme for you? You can spend as many hours as you want watching home reno shows, but it’s hard to breakdown what you see into something actually obtainable. 

Because these kitchen renovations are so impactful, choosing a good kitchen color is so crucial. It doesn’t cost a thing to choose a color and execute your plan. Yet, it’s still the most important step in renovating your kitchen. While it all boils down to preference, there are always a few colors that seem to stand out. Whether it’s Christmastime or springtime, you want good kitchen colors that will withstand the test of time. Here’s what we’ve found do just that!

Pale Green

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Pale Green has been one of the good kitchen colors for decades, and it has withstood the test of time. Not every color can do that! But this green works well with country kitchens, yet translates well into more contemporary kitchens.

There’s something reminiscent of a cottage about Pale Green and it makes one feel at home. Decorate with the southern favorite, roosters, or stick with mason jars and daisies. The choice is yours. If you want a beautiful kitchen color, but can’t make up your mind, Pale Green may be your perfect go-to. 

Rosy Pink 

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Don’t ever let anyone tell you that pink does not belong in the kitchen. Pink is becoming gender-neutral and all we can say is, “finally!” Pink is such a good kitchen color because it’s warm, soft, and unique. Rosy Pink is akin to the ever-popular Blush Pink.

What’s so special about these soft pink colors in kitchens is that you can add rose gold accents to make the colors pop! We all know that rose gold makes everything better. However, if it’s not your thing, pink colors go well with silver accents as well. 

Buttery Yellow

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Yellow is one of the most inviting colors you can use in a kitchen. It’s one of the best kitchen colors because it’s sweet, savory, and reminds one of popcorn. This means family, fun, and storytelling to most people. Buttery Yellow is particularly favored because of this.

This color is soft enough that you won’t feel overwhelmed when stepping into the kitchen, yet bold enough that you feel like you can let your personality shine. But beware that you will be popping popcorn on a regular basis.

Creamy White

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Creamy White gives you the best of both worlds. You get the warm hue of a yellow while keeping the freshness that white offers. It’s a good kitchen color for anyone and is a favorite amongst those looking for a piece of “home” in their new house.

Oftentimes, Creamy White is called Country White because it’s so hospitable. If you are a fan of Buttery Yellow but want to tone it down a bit, then Creamy White is perfect for you.

Baby Blue

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Soft blue hues will always work in a kitchen. Baby Blue, in particular, is one of the best kitchen colors because it doesn’t distract one from the accents you want the focus to be on. It brings out the best in any kitchen and makes a gentle statement. Not to mention, blue is more likely to encourage you to eat healthier as it suppresses your appetite and makes you feel calm. There’s a reason it’s called Baby Blue. Babies need peace, relaxation, and soothing colors. That’s what this color can do.

Cobalt Blue

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There isn’t a soul on earth who doesn’t like Cobalt Blue, even if it’s not on your list of favorites, you can’t deny its elegance. It’s one of the finest, most royal colors available to the general public.

Cobalt Blue is probably the first color you’ll want to consider if you want your kitchen to look like you know what you’re doing. Plus, the name is so widely used that you can find it in most paint brands, no matter your budget.

Crimson Red

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Crimson Red is one of the brightest reds you can find. If you’re feeling bold and love to spice up your life, you won’t find a better kitchen color than Crimson Red. The color screams confidence and can easily turn your kitchen into a piece of eye candy.

With this color, you can dress your kitchen to the nines or simply add Crimson accents to make a bold statement. You will, however, probably want to cook every day if you choose Crimson. 

Honey Wood

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Wood is gorgeous in a kitchen, which is why hardwood floors are highly sought after. While everyone has their own favorite wood grain and color, honey wood is one of the most neutral woods. It is always affordable, no matter your budget, and it goes well with any color scheme.

The creaminess of the grain is welcoming and it can be found at almost any hardware or furniture store. Oftentimes, honey is the default wood color for custom cabinets, so all you need is a thin clear coat and you’re good to go. That is why honey-colored wood is one of the cheapest options. 

Stark White

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Stark White is extremely popular right now. Some people do their entire house in Stark White in order to make it feel more spacious and clean. With that said, any type of white is hard to keep clean as every dirt spot sticks out like a sore thumb. However, there’s nothing more satisfying than a clean white kitchen. Which is why it is such a good kitchen color. Keep some good cleaner on hand and keep it clean as you go. No one has ever regretted using white as the backdrop for their kitchen and with good reason.

Neutral Grey

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Neutral Grey is one of the safest good kitchen colors that you can choose. You can pair it with any accent color, making it perfect for cabinets and walls. While most people like to keep it neutral, you can always choose to add a splash of personality with bright backsplashes or appliances.

You see, grey works a lot like white does in your home, only it’s easier to maintain. Since it is halfway between black and white, it doesn’t stain with bright colors or dark colors as easily as its counterparts. 

Seafoam Green Or Blue

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A beachy kitchen is a happy kitchen. Seafoam is on every list of good kitchen colors for a reason. Stepping into a beach-themed kitchen is as relaxing as it gets. This year has been stressful, and we all need a weekend at the beach. But that isn’t always possible.

That said, it’s time to bring it home with Seafoam. If the color is too bright for you, you can always compromise with a light teal or celadon, an underrated green color. 

Burgundy Red

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Burgundy and Mahogany are two colors that never go out of style. They are still one of the most popular house colors because they mix class with thriftiness. Burgundy looks good in the living room as well as the kitchen, so you can theme your whole house around this good kitchen color.  You’ll notice a lot of manufactured homes are done in burgundy because it always looks more expensive than it is. 

Black And White

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You can’t go wrong with black and white. It’s forever sophisticated, classy, and trending. The best part of this great kitchen color is that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. You can go heavy on the white and light on the black or vice versa.

Not to mention, you can buy black and white merchandise anywhere you shop! Add paisley, wicker, chrome, depending on your personal taste.

Shiny Chrome

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Although you can’t paint your walls chrome, you can get chrome appliances and use it as the main focus in your kitchen. Chrome is for people who like flashy kitchens. You can incorporate a retro feel or keep it modern.

A lot of people are starting to use chrome as the color scheme in their kitchen because it’s the only room you can do so without it looking gaudy. Kitchens were made for chrome! 

Cherry Wood

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Cherry Wood is one of the most sought after hardwoods in the world. The rich satiny color is one of the best backdrops, which makes it such a good kitchen color! Not only is this color high-end, but it also makes one feel like they can taste the delicious meals shared in said kitchen.

Cherry Wood is homey without feeling too quaint. Since Cherry Wood is one of the more expensive woods, it can instantly make a room look like a million bucks. 

No matter what color you choose to paint your kitchen, you can always find good kitchen colors that will impress the neighborhood. All you have to do is find out what makes you happy. Some people want to make a statement while others just want a bit of peace. In the end, it’s all up to you! 


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