Easy Breakfast Pizza Recipe (with Eggs!)

This delicious and easy breakfast pizza recipe features eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese for a hearty and filling morning meal. 

Also try these easy breakfast recipes that will keep you full until lunch: bacon and cheese quiche, quick breakfast quesadillas, a delicious egg bake breakfast casserole, or a Spanish fritatta.

Easy Homemade Breakfast Pizza Recipe With Eggs #remodelaholic (1)

Easy Breakfast Pizza With Eggs

We love eggs for breakfast. They’re hearty enough to be filling without being a really heavy meal to start the day.

But you can only scramble and fry eggs so often before you’re ready for a new twist on eggs for breakfast.

We’ve twisted eggs into a quiche, fritatta, and casserole — and even added them to a breakfast quesadilla!

Homemade Breakfast Pizza Recipe With Eggs #remodelaholic

Now, we’ve added eggs to another favorite food: pizza!

Pizza for breakfast? You bet. It’s great for adding a bit of variety and excitement to your morning meal.

Easy Homemade Breakfast Pizza Recipe With Eggs #remodelaholic (3)

How to Make Breakfast Pizza With Eggs

Form the dough (storebought or a homemade batch following this recipe) and place it in a greased pan.

Top your dough with a bit of olive oil, then add the herbs and a bit of cheese. Add your favorite toppings (pre-cooked)

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