Residence Decor You’ll Love In 2019

Kitchen Ideas All of us might most likely save time and money within the kitchen with out sacrificing the diet and style of dwelling-cooked meals. Study to make sustainable plant selections by visiting the specialty gardens at Cox Arboretum From the stonewall perennials to the rock and water gardens, there’s inspiration for every gardener to discover. Be taught to which crops to select—large and small—for your backyard and which of them require minimal upkeep and supply most influence for environmental well being. Kitchen United has created a kitchen answer that gives restaurants a quick, cheap and turnkey technique to enter …

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How to Raise Stair Treads to Fix Uneven Steps

When we added new flooring in our 1970’s home remodel, it made the top basement stair taller than the others. See how we easily and quickly raised the stair treads to fix the uneven steps and correct the rise of the staircase. 

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Fixing Uneven Stair Steps by Raising Stair Treads

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Follow These 28 Kitchen Trends and You Might Have Regrets

It’s great fun to read the magazines and browse designs for all the latest kitchen trends, but this is one area of the home where it’s smart to proceed with caution. It can be really easy to get caught up in new trends and while lots of them are awesome, there are others that might wear thin over time for some homeowners. Some people can live with these kitchen trends for decades and still be in love with them but others will want to give them a pass.

These 28 Kitchen Trends Will Revive Stale Designs

Over-the-Top Appliances

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