Printable Birthday Signs for Easy Photo Shoot Ideas

Choose from 3 printable birthday signs to make an easy prop for a birthday photo shoot! Matching signs for baby and pregnancy milestones, too. 

Celebrate your child’s big day with our favorite birthday cake recipes and printable birthday gift tags, too. 

Printable Birthday Signs For Photos Or Party Decor, 3 Styles, Black And White Printables, Remodelaholic

Get Printable Birthday Signs Here

Printable Birthday Sign Photo Props

Whether you’re in a studio or just snapping a photo on your phone, a birthday photo shoot is a great tradition!

Printable Birthday Photo Signs For Kids Pictures, Remodelaholic

These printable birthday signs make it easy to have a simple photo prop every year as you are tracking how your child is growing.

It’s also fun to see what details make it into the photo — like that he’s 4 and loves the color red… and insists on wearing his shirt backwards. 

Printable Birthday Photo Signs For Easy Pictures, Remodelaholic

Or use the fillable sign to write out a few of their favorites or least favorites, like a mini birthday infographic.

She’s 9 and loves cats and kittens… but she also loves music and audiobooks and not smiling for pictures. These details are important to remember! 

Custom Happy Birthday Printable Birthday Sign PDF For Photo Shoot Prop, Remodelaholic

To create your own easy birthday photo prop, just print the birthday sign set, and pop it in a frame.

You can also clip on

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What Is A Hoosier Cabinet And Where Can I Get One?


You’ve probably seen this unique piece of kitchen furniture at your grandma’s house or perhaps searched for one yourself. It is charming, useful, and vintage. But where did it come from and how is it different than other kitchen storage units

Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Hoosier cabinet. After all, most people don’t even know where the name Hoosier came from or why we call this type of cabinet a Hoosier cabinet. 

What Is A Hoosier Cabinet?

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Via Sarah Greenman

A Hoosier cabinet is a cabinet with lower storage, upper storage, and a countertop. It’s an all-in-one piece of furniture used in the kitchen. You can find them with glass doors, flat doors, or no doors at all. 

Why Were Hoosier Cabinets So Popular?

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Via Kitchen Concepts Inc.

Hoosier cabinets first came to being in the early 1900s. Though similar cabinets were invented and used before then, the term wasn’t popularized until the Hoosier Manufacturing Company manufactured millions of them in the first few decades of the 1900s.

However, it isn’t known if the name came from the company or from the fact that they

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