Kitchen Island Overhang: Understanding the Perfect Amount

Kitchen island overhang refers to the portion of the counter that goes beyond the edge of the island’s base. Because kitchen islands are such an important element in modern kitchens, it is important to get the amount of overhang right. 

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The overhang is not just decorative. Rather, it is important in protecting the cabinets and chairs from wear and tear.

Kitchen Island Overhang

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Lorin Hill, Architect

 The standard amount for the overhang of the counter is anywhere from 1 inch to 12 inches. This calculation is dependent on the uses of your kitchen island, the clearance around the island, and the size of your kitchen. 

Purposes of a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have a variety of purposes, and it is helpful to consider these before calculating the amount of counter overhang. 

Kitchen Islands with Seating

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Seating is very popular and convenient for islands in modern home kitchens. It is essential to have the correct amount of overhang to ensure comfortable seating. This design, from The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn, features an island that is used for food preparation and seating. The overhang on the side with the

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