Texas’ Clean Energy Industries Face Threats During 2023 Legislative Session

Last month, the Houston Chronicle published an important editorial about how different energy industries must “coexist, adapt, and evolve” to lower energy bills, preserve Texas’ energy leadership, and protect the grid. To read the entire article, you will need to subscribe (an excellent investment for anyone concerned about Texas energy). Here’s a sample:

All fossil fuel boosters and purveyors seem to agree that renewable energy will be here to stay. The number of renewable electricity sources has quadrupled in the last ten years, and its share has increased from 8 to 25% to 25%. Texas is the nation’s leader in clean energy production, but it’s not very close. Texas was the nation’s leader in clean energy capacity, bringing 7,352 megawatts worth of new solar, wind, and storage projects online in 2015. Another 20,000 megawatts are in development. This puts Texas far ahead of California, which is runner-up in both categories.…

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Tips To Get Rid of Ice Dams Safely

Ice dams pose a major threat to your roof’s safety in winter. Their long, sparkling appearance is a plus. icicles Although they may look great from the outside, they can cause significant water damage to your roof.

How to Rid Ice Dams Safely: 5 Helpful Tricks

  1. Heated Cables

Heated cables can be used to prevent ice dams from forming by preventing them from ever happening. The heated cables can be placed vertically on your roof in a zigzag design and you will see the snow melt before it has a chance of freezing and creating ice dams.

  1. Blow Cool Air Through Your Attic

The hot air from your home will rise through your roof and snow will melt. It will then slide down to the cold edges of the roof where it will remain and form an ice dam. You can prevent this from happening by placing fans in your …

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