Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas That Make A Statement


All anyone wants to do with their interior designs is to make a statement and let their personalities shine through. Since most of us use our kitchen multiple times a day, we want our kitchen to feel like home just like the rest of our house. 

These kitchen ideas make a statement! Ironically, they’re not for everyone, which means that you’ll need to find out which ones speak to you if you really want to make that statement personal. This fact makes your choices so much more important.  

Island With Mirrors

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Mirrors are one of those things that can instantly make a room look bigger. But hardly anyone ever adds them to their kitchen. Since kitchen islands are so versatile, using mirrors on a kitchen island can be a gamechanger.

Another thing that makes this particular kitchen so awestriking is the gorgeous mural. It reminds one of the Sistine Chapel in all her glory. This kitchen does more than make statements, and that is incredibly inspiring. 

Island For Utilities 

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Most people use their kitchen island as a bar, installing their sink and stovetop in their kitchen counters. But putting them in your kitchen island could make a huge impact on your kitchen’s usability. 

We’re going to use our kitchen as a bar either way, especially if we don’t have a specified dining room. But, whenever you add appliances to your countertops, that’s all that they can be used for. This way, you have extra prep space and a cleaner look.

Featured Tile Walls

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People tend to think that tile walls in the kitchen should be reserved for backsplashes, but this simply isn’t the case. You can put a tile wall anywhere in your kitchen. Whether it be above a microwave, on an island, near the door. 

This kitchen puts the statement wall on its own without any cabinets to clutter it up. It has a lone convection oven, which is adorable. This is one way to pull off a featured tile wall in a kitchen, but not the only way.

Floating Cabinets

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If you look at most kitchens, you’ll notice that the upper cabinets touch the ceiling, or almost do. This is usually because the ceilings are too low to allow anything else. But sometimes, it’s done because that’s just the way it’s done. 

When there are a few feet between the top of the ceiling and the cabinets, the kitchen will look more spacious. High ceilings not only make a room look bigger but actually make a room bigger. Work with that if you can. 

Floating Shelving With Lights

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Floating cabinets can make a room look bigger, but it isn’t always possible. However, floating shelves can be installed in nearly any kitchen. Add them to the wall with the most space if you don’t want it to look crowded. 

To make floating shelves look even better, add lighting underneath them. Or, if you don’t want something more permanent, string fairy lights above them. Kitchen lights are just as important as kitchen cabinets, so make sure they are done right. 

Walk Beneath Bar

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While you probably won’t be able to actually walk beneath a bar, it’s really the style of the bar that we’re referring to. These floating bars can usually be removed easily, letting you decide when and where you want them to be.

If you make multiple places where it can set, you’ll always have options for extra seating. Have a place for it in the kitchen, dining room, and living room for parties. That way, your eating area can remain versatile. 

Industrial Appliances

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Not everyone wants a commercial kitchen, but don’t be ashamed if you do. The industrial look is totally in right now and this kitchen lets us know why. The lines are clean and the appliances are set up for convenience. 

No industrial kitchen is complete without at least a touch of chrome or stainless steel. You can do this with dishes, appliances, or simple home decor. Omitting it is acceptable, but the standard is to add it in.

Reflective Colors

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While having mirrors on your cabinets and counters can be cool, it’s not the only way to get a reflective surface. Black and white both come in reflective materials and look amazing in any kitchen. The result is truly stunning.

Black is an exceptional choice because most black appliances are naturally reflective, so merging them together works perfectly well. But any color will work, you just may have to pay quite a bit extra for it.

Splashes Of Bright Color

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We cannot stop talking about how perfect a neutral kitchen looks with just a touch of bright color. If you only use one color, let it be yellow. Yellow is often known as the brightest color on the wheel so it makes for a wonderful example.

While you can add splashes of home decor and accents for that color, a more permanent piece makes a bigger statement. Shelving is one of the easiest ways to do this as you can paint them any color you want without paying a penny more for it.

Separated Cabinets 

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If you’re worried about your cabinets fitting perfectly in your kitchen, then consider standalone cabinets. They can be put in any kitchen and aren’t cut to fit. Because of this, those extra inches won’t make a difference.

This makes breathing easier if you have a strangely shaped kitchen. Choose a long cabinet for your sink and stovetop and a short one for the other appliances. You can add cabinets above for the microwave and air fryer. 

Square Islands

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Yep, that’s a square island! They aren’t very popular, but they look completely different than a standard oblong kitchen island. They work best with square kitchens but can be used in any kitchen if the size of the island is picked out accordingly.

If your kitchen happens to be small and rectangular, then you may want to stick with a thin, long island. They don’t make square kitchen islands very small as it makes the space beneath it nearly unusable. 

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One Solid Color Throughout

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Yes, it can be quite loud, and not everyone can handle it. However, if bright colors make you happy, then don’t let anyone talk you out of using one as your primary color. Even the floors can be brightly colored and it can look fabulous.

There are a few ways to get bright floors. Laminate and linoleum are cost-efficient ways to accomplish this. Tile comes in even brighter colors but isn’t always cheap. Check your local home improvement store for a list of options. 

Grey Cabinets With Bright Colors

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If you do decide to choose a bright color as your background in your kitchen, then you may want to offset it with a toned-down neutral color. Grey cabinets are a wonderful way to do this. The best part is that you don’t have to make all of your cabinets grey.

A “feature cabinet” doesn’t have to be bright or loud. It can be a plain, neutral color if everything else is bold and bright. “Feature” usually refers to whatever is different and stands out the most in that room.

Keeping Sharp Lines

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The best way to make your kitchen look modern is to declutter and keep sharp, straight lines on everything. Try to keep it light on the hardware and omit any handles that you can. Take a look at this kitchen for inspiration. 

In this kitchen, the appliances are also hidden. This is another amazing way to make your kitchen look modern. Try using a hideaway oven that pulls out or one that is hidden behind a cabinet door. 

Mixing Neutral Tones

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Who said that you had to choose one neutral color? If you aren’t into bright colors but still want something eye-catching, you can always mix neutral colors to create something mesmerizing. Just be careful which colors you do mix.

When mixing black and brown, it’s important to choose the right shade of brown. Black and brown don’t mix well and can often clash. However, if you use browns found in natural wood grains, you can get by with doing it.

Glass Cabinets 

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Glass cabinets can make quite a statement. They are brave, bold, and yet peaceful. Not every kitchen can pull them off but those that do, do so with flying colors. They look exceptionally well with white marble. 

If you do have glass cabinets, you will need to keep the glass, as well as inside the cabinets cleaner than you normally would. Not only does the display need to be neat, but the cabinet itself will need vacuumed and wiped out regularly. 

The “Closet” Wall

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Closets are made by building half walls and closing them in. They exist as part of the already existing wall rather than protruding from the wall. The same thing can be done in the kitchen to create a more uniform look.

You won’t be forfeiting any room in your kitchen if it’s done right. You’ll just be adding walls around the cabinet and appliances to make it look sunken. In the end, it will actually make the room look bigger rather than smaller.

Bubble Lights

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If you’ve never heard of a bubble chandelier then you’re in for a real treat. They are light, airy, and make a room feel whimsical. You can get bubble lights that are clumped together or ones that are spread out.

The difference is that the “nest-like” ones are clumped together and feel like one large bulb. The ones that are spread out feel lighter and like fairy lights or Christmas lights twinkling above your kitchen. 

Wall Art Above Cabinets

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You don’t see wall art in kitchens very often and there’s not really a good reason for that. If you feel like expressing yourself through wall art then go for it. You may ask yourself if it’s safe to use wall art in the kitchen though.

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A good way to ensure that food and water won’t splash on your wall art is to hang it above the appliances and cabinets. This gets them out of harm’s way without keeping them out of sight. Just make sure there is a clear view of them!

Using A Table Island

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A wonderful way to free up floor space is to use a table instead of an island. They can be used the same way, only with a table, you’ll gain your entire floor and open up some breathing room as well. Just make sure you get the right size.

If you put one in the middle of the room, size isn’t as important. But if you make an l-shaped table that connects to your cabinet, then you want one that is similar in width to your cabinets and doesn’t come out too far length-wise.

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Nostalgic Ovens

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Although you probably don’t want to use a 100-year-old oven in your house, you can get one that looks 100-years-old but functions just as well as a brand new oven. Many brands make “vintage” appliances and aren’t too pricey.

Just search “nostalgic” or “vintage” ovens/stoves and find ones that are new. When you do this, you can even find appliances in vintage blue, red, and green colors that look so good with trending kitchens

Slide-Out Table

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This is something that you see all of the time in mobile homes and RVs, but don’t let that fact deter you. Furniture that slides out is simply an amazing way to utilize every inch of your tiny home. Whether that home is an RV, apartment, or house.

Small spaces and tiny houses are trending and have been for several years. There are many things you can do with a small kitchen, but one of the best things to do is to find something that can fold away when not in use. 

Simple Murals

Flashy murals are great in the bedroom or even the living room. But when it comes to the kitchen, you probably want a softer mural that makes a statement but doesn’t overwhelm the room. It’s hard enough to keep a kitchen decluttered otherwise.

If you can’t find a mural that is simple enough for you, try looking for wall decals. Wall decals are temporary and can be put anywhere on your wall. They are designed for those who want a simpler version of a mural. 

Two-Toned Kitchens

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The best way to do a two-toned kitchen isn’t simply to pick two colors and sporadically decorate. The best way to do a two-toned kitchen is to start with a two-toned piece. This can be natural or painted.

This adorable farmhouse kitchen used their sink cabinet to make this statement. The base cabinets green while the drawers are white. This brings the entire room together with ease, the island in the middle being drawn in. 

Invisible Wires

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This kitchen is just stunning. Everything about it is amazing. But the one thing we see here that you’ll probably want to apply to your kitchen is the strategy used to hang the light. Invisible wires are so versatile, you just can’t say no.

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In this case, they’ve been used to hang the overhead light. When done right, this makes it look like the light is floating in thin air. Not only does this look awesome, but it makes your kitchen look bigger and does amazing things to the flow of your room.


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