Change Up Your Space with New Kitchen Cabinet Handles


A kitchen remodel is a big undertaking and it’s likely a homeowner will spend countless hours examining the options for countertops, appliances, flooring and cabinets. Choosing the cabinet handles might seem like a small decision, but just as in fashion the right jewelry makes an outfit, the kitchen cabinet handles you choose can dramatically change the look of your kitchen. In fact, you can give your kitchen a big update by changing out hardware like your kitchen cabinet handles and pulls.

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The number of choices can be overwhelming because of all the shapes and styles available. When identifying the particular style of kitchen cabinet handle that you prefer to buy, make sure that you are choosing the right kind. Essentially, there are two types: Pulls and knobs. Many people find pulls more convenient and comfortable to use, however, most kitchens use a mix of the two.

Bar pulls

Bar pulls are a very popular choice, particularly for contemporary or modern kitchens. These types of cabinet handles can be had in a variety of lengths, driven by the size of your cabinets and your personal preferences. It’s also fine to mix various lengths of the same style on cabinets.


These are generally just what the name says: It’s a single piece that attaches to the door or drawer with one screw. The range of styles and prices is wide, and designs that are artful or out of the ordinary cost far more than standard types. Standard knobs come in a surprising number of shapes, ranging from the ubiquitous mushroom to squares, bars and geometrics. An endless array of novelty knobs are also available to incorporate as accents.


Pulls are generally larger and easier to grab and typically need two screws. That means that once you commit to knobs or pulls, you’ll probably need to keep using that type of hardware while you have those cabinets. Pull styles are available in different lengths and come in an equally wide array of designs as knobs do: Bar pulls, arches, rings and drop handle pulls to recessed and cup varieties. There are a few types that only need one screw, however, like the ring and pendant styles, so they could possibly be used to replace knobs.

Cool kitchen cabinets hardware you can have

Modern Cabinet 5″ Center to Center Bar Pull

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Bar pulls are extremely popular for most of today’s kitchen for the same reason that people like pulls in general: Ease of use. This European-style look is great for bathrooms too and comes in oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel, in addition to this matte black finish. The look of the bar set inside the two end pieces and capped off with detailed knobs is a very classy look that homeowners love.

Liberty 3″ Center to Center Bar pull

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This is also a bar pull, but it has side sections that curve inward instead. Part of Liberty’s Rustic Farmhouse Collection, it has the casual vibe of farmhouse décor but is also ideal for contemporary and transitional kitchens. It comes in a bold matte black finish as well as heirloom silver and warm chestnut, which has a slightly distressed appearance. Each pull is made of die-cast zinc and gives any cabinet more of a custom feel.

Crystal Lace 3″ Center to Center Handle Bar Pull

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For a current look with a little more glamour, this bar pull has a center section of crystal lace. The lovely scrolling metal detail is paired with a solid acrylic piece that is made from high-quality zinc metal with a satin nickel finish. Create a coordinated, upscale look in your kitchen with this pull and its matching bar knob, which is a shorter version of the same design.

Flat Embossed 5″ Center to Center Bar Pull Multipack

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Super modern-looking and perfect for a high-tech style kitchen, these flat, embossed bar pulls are a fabulous option. The center section is a flat bar made of aluminum and set into rectangular bases that feature beveled edges. The bases are made of a zinc alloy and have a very cool square embossed design. These look great used horizontally or vertically, are durable, and have nice weight.

External Campaign 3″ Center to Center Drop Handle

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Drop handle pulls have a very luxe feeling about them because the handle itself is attached to a decorative backplate. The full piece of hardware has the feeling of a tailored accent more than just a functional element. Available with a brushed brass finish or the other option of bronze with gold highlights, this drop handle pull makes your cabinet feel more like high-end furniture no matter where you decide to us them. These pulls can also be great for high traffic areas if you’re prone to bumping into cabinet hardware because they lie flatter than traditional-style pulls.

London 2 1/2″ Length Bar Knob

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With mixed materials in the kitchen still trending, these London bar knobs and pulls are a great way to add variety to an existing space. This style is available in a dozen finish combinations that pair the pull bar with a base of a different material. The faceted shape of the bar is particularly nice and this type of hardware instantly add some sophisticated style to any kitchen cabinets.

Length Geometric Knob Multipack

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When choosing knobs, it’s important to remember that the options go far beyond bars, mushrooms or squares. Very innovative yet functional knob shapes can add real distinction to your kitchen. This geometric knob looks like a rectangle from the front, but actually has a rounded triangular shape when viewed from a different angle. This knob can also be installed to a vertical or a horizontal position, depending on the look you want.

Crystal Novelty Knob

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Novelty knobs are wonderful accents for kitchen cupboards, especially on side cabinets that are perhaps lesser used than those right by the sink or stove. These sparkly knobs are made from jewelry-grade raw crystal geode stones. The geode pieces are hand cut and polished to create these knobs, which truly are like jewelry for your cabinets. Because no two are alike, the sizes vary with the stone and they will not all be exactly the same shape.

Steffi Ring Pull Handle

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Steffi’s ring pull handle is another luxurious looking option for your kitchen, especially if you’re not fond of long bar pulls. The decorative plate holds an extended square shape that you lift to pull. Choose from either a polished gold finish or weathered nickel. It’s a small piece of hardware that’s plenty functional for drawers of any size in a kitchen that casual or glam, depending on the finish that you pick.

Kitchen design ideas with cool hardware

When choosing a style of hardware for your kitchen, make sure to carefully consider the style of the space. The hardware should reflect the overall feel and fit with the décor style.

Modern and tapered at the ends, these are a sleek option.View in gallery
Modern and tapered at the ends, these are a sleek option.

Large bar kitchen cabinet handles do not have to be placed in the center or according to a traditional vertical placement along the edge. Here, Febal Casa shows how the bar pulls can be placed at the bottom third across the entire wall of cabinets.

Febal Casa long horizontal singe handleView in gallery

If the cabinets are separated, a stylish option is to stack the bars horizontally near one another, leaving the larger expanse of cabinet unadorned by hardware. This type of placement helps maintain a more modern, clean-lined space ad is a good options for those who like handles on their kitchen cabinets, bit also prefer a sleeker look.

horizontal stacked cabinet handlesView in gallery

Bar pulls that don’t taper toward the cabinet at the end tend to have a more rustic look, like these tat have a matte finish. If chosen in a shinier metal, they would have a more formal or glitzy appearance.

Towel bar kitchen cabinet handlesView in gallery

For those whose tastes run a little more to the avant grade, bar pulls can  be installed at an angle, either as a pair, or as individual kitchen cabinet handles. the look is very distinctive and unexpected, helping to differentiate basic wooden kitchen cabinets. These below are from Creo Kitchens of Italy.

Creo skewed cabinet handlesView in gallery

Choosing those angles kitchen cabinet handles in a color is a bold choice to add even more interest.

Tilted cabinet handlesView in gallery

This particular type of bar pull can be installed at the very top of a kitchen cabinet, almost like a ledge by which you can open the cabinet. It is another option for keep the main part of the cabinet free from hardware.

Long top kitchen cabinet door handlesView in gallery

For a modern kitchen, there are many unique choices of bar pulls that have interesting shapes or configurations. These are extra long, spanning nearly the entire length of the cabinet, with just a small space in the middle as mainly a design element. This one os from Nolte Kitchens.

Nolte long modern horizontalView in gallery

The orientation of the kitchen cabinet handles is entirely your preference. These handles are oriented vertically, with the small pull on the drawer placed directly above the longer handle on the cabinet. With this orientation on the concrete-fronted cabinets, the kitchen takes on a modern industrial look. On the right, you can see how the same handle on a wooden cabinet provides a different feel.

Vertical kitchen cabinet handles with an industrial feelView in gallery

Another vertical  kitchen cabinet handle option is this one, which is a modern contrasting decorative element on the white cabinets. The shape is functional but is also very different from a typical handle.

Long and vertical kitchen cabinets handleView in gallery

Smaller bar pulls are are good cabinet handles for a traditional kitchen. This kitchen sports understated handles made special with a jeweled center.

Gatto bling traditional kitchen handlesView in gallery

The same style can be had in a window sash handle style. These kitchen cabinet handles are cured, which enhances the glitzy embellishment.

Sleek bejeweled kitchen cabinet handlesView in gallery

Basic styles of small bar pull kitchen cabinet handles are a good choice when you want your cabinet hardware to be more unobtrusive. Here, the framing design of the glass window would compete with a more bold cabinet handle.

This design is by Martini.View in gallery
This design is by Martini.
Nobila's design shows small bar handles in a modern kitchen setting.View in gallery
Nobila’s design shows small bar handles in a modern kitchen setting.

For an opulent style, Officine Gullo has spectacular bar kitchen cabinet handles that are made of metal with hand-turned wood. The combination makes for a one-of-a-kind look.

Giullo wooden cabinet handlesView in gallery

While many homes may have a mix of knobs and kitchen cabinet handles, this luxury kitchen from Gullo features only knobs to serve as cabinet handles.

Gullo knos and lock handlesView in gallery

La Cornue, a bespoke luxury kitchen manufacturer, also uses knobs and cremone bolts to serve as handles. These types of cabinet handles are best for vintage style kitchens.

La Cornue cabinet knobsView in gallery

In a more casual kitchen, one rustic knob can successfully be used as a kitchen cabinet handle, as in this more minimalist design.

small kitchen knob cabinet handlesView in gallery

Another style of kitchen cabinet handle is the cup pull, which is a suitable option for a vintage, country or farmhouse style kitchen.

half moon kitchen cabinet handlesView in gallery

Window sash handles are often found in traditional style kitchens. In this design by Stosa Cucine, the ornate style of the cabinets, molding and embellishments are a good match for the small kitchen cabinet handles.

Stosa Cucine kitchen cabinets handleView in gallery

Even in a less ornate kitchen, window sash kitchen cabinet handles help maintain the tailored look of this design by Arcari. All the woodwork and doors have a conservative style, which is well suited to this type of hardware.

Arcari kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

This kitchen, little more casual, is also good for window sash handles.View in gallery
This kitchen, little more casual, is also good for window sash handles.

While these square cabinet handles may look a little like a recessed handle, they are not. The handles have a low profile and a touch of metal to the kitchen’s design without the prominence of a larger kitchen cabinet handle.

Square kitchen cabinets handlesView in gallery

Recessed cabinet handles are great choice if you like the look of a handle, but not the profile. The design below is by Arrex Le Cucine and features uniform recessed kitchen cabinet handles that go well with the contemporary farmhouse style of this kitchen.

Arrex cucine recessed kitchen cabinets handlesView in gallery

Stosa also has a similar kitchen cabinet handle option.View in gallery
Stosa also has a similar kitchen cabinet handle option.

Whether you want to refresh your kitchen or are constructing an entirely new kitchen, there are myriad options for your kitchen cabinet handles. This sampling shows you that you don’t need to feel limited by traditional placements, standard sizes, or basic styles for your hardware. While kitchen cabinet handles are mainly a functional element, they are also an important design feature.


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