Five Types Of Glass Kitchen Cabinets And Their Secrets


Amazingly, glass kitchen cabinets are still a thing, even so long after glass furniture stopped being popular. That’s because glass never really stops being popular and appreciated for its unique qualities.

In the kitchen, cabinets with glass fronts or shelves are liked for their transparency and the fact that they frame items nicely, putting them on display without exposing them entirely. Of course, if you’re not a fan of transparency in your decor, there are other types of glass to choose from.

All types of Kitchen glass cabinets available nowadays

Transparent glass kitchen cabinets

There’s no hiding anything in a transparent glass cabinet so you should first of all be comfortable with this before anything else. Of course, while this might seem as an inconvenience to some people, others might think of it as a big plus.

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Upper kitchen cabinets with transparent glass doors let you put things on display while keeping everything safe inside, protected from dust and other things. Also, the plain nature of this type of glass is a nice fit for minimalist interiors, not to mention that it’s a perfect choice for small kitchens.

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Alternate between transparent and opaque cabinet doors to satisfy all your storage needs
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You can have accent lights installed in your glass front cabinets to highlight the contents
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Glass cabinets look best when mounted on walls while solid modules are often preferred for the bottom area
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Cabinets with glass fronts are not just for kitchens. They’re also a good option for dining rooms

Frosted glass kitchen cabinets

If you like the idea of having glass cabinets in the kitchen but you’re not completely comfortable with all the transparency and the fact that the contents of the cabinets will be put on display for everyone to see, there’s an option that might be just right.

Frosted glass is sleek and cool and it looks great in modern kitchens. But while frosted glass does hide the mess behind it pretty well, it’s not completely opaque so you might still be able to distinguish the silhouettes and colors behind it.

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You can use frosted glass to partially conceal the contents of your kitchen cabinets and shelves
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You can literally put the spotlight on the contents of your kitchen cabinets to make them more visible through the frosted glass
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Frosted glass can be etched with interesting patterns and decorative motifs

Textured glass kitchen cabinets

There are several different types of textured glass, some more common than others. This is a style that’s a bit tricky in the sense that some patterns are quite likely to be a fad and to go out of style quickly, leaving you with a dated kitchen design. You can avoid that by sticking with some of the simpler and more classical patterns. Textured glass is interesting from both a visual and a tactile point of view.

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Textured glass is quite similar to frosted glass in the sense that it blurs the contents of the cabinets but doesn’t hide it all
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Depending on the pattern you choose, textured glass can be more or less transparent
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Sure, you can still clearly see what’s behind the glass but the textured finish makes the silhouettes less clear

Seeded glass

This is a special type of glass with a very particular look. Seeded glass features all these bubbles which can be tiny or large, depending on the source and style. It’s a look that suits vintage and traditional decors but which can also look interesting in modern settings. In the kitchen, it can be used to obscure the contents of the cabinets without really hiding anything.

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Seeded glass cabinet doors adds a touch of charm and texture to the decor without obstructing it in any way
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The bubbles in seeded glass usually give it a wavy texture and this created interesting visual effects when light hits it
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Seeded glass looks best in traditional or retro settings and it’s not very versatile

Leaded glass kitchen cabinets

As the name suggests, leaded glass is very rich in lead. The high content of this heavy metal is responsible for the unique look of this glass and the tint that makes it special and appreciated for its decorative qualities. Leaded glass looks elegant and has this very appealing artisanal look but it can be pretty difficult to find. Alternatives include tinted or stained glass.

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The same as seeded glass, this style usually suits well kitchens with traditional or retro-inspired decors
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The leaded glass looks especially great on backlit cabinets


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