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Ice Cream Floats with Blue Soda

Ice cream floats are perfect for any celebration and are beloved by all, from little kids to adults! Customize them with any color and flavor of soda.

Wouldn’t these be perfect for a gender reveal party (switch to pink soda for a girl) or a 4th of July get-together? Or host a Game Day celebration and switch out the blue soda for your team’s colors!

Ice Cream Floats For A Party On Remodelaholic


Colorful Ice Cream Floats

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Simple and delicious, ice cream floats are nearly as American as apple pie, aren’t they? This colorful version elevates the fun of a traditional brown-colored root beer ice cream float and the flavor combos are endless!

Ingredients for ice cream floats

1. Ice cream. Vanilla is the traditional way to go, but try any flavors that sound good with your soda flavors. A couple to choose from would be fun!

2. Soda. Choose your soda based on the colors you want and/or the flavors that you like. The single-serve glass bottles of sodas are unique and most grocery stores sell them. Our local store has over a dozen flavors of vintage sodas that would be fun to try out. If you’re serving lots of people, 2-liter sodas are definitely the way to go!

3. Toppings! Did you notice the add-ins that further elevate these colorful ice cream floats?

Ice Cream Float Bar For A Party From Remodelaholic

Pictured above, the swirled marshmallow candies are perfect! (Can you imagine them at a kids’ unicorn-themed party? Love it!)

For a gender reveal party, try these pink-striped marshmallows or blue-striped marshmallows.

Small fruity candies that will dissolve (such as Nerds) would be yummy to add in, too. And add the perfect swirl to the top with candy meringues (also pictured above).

Looking for less-sugary options? How about fresh strawberries, blueberries or raspberries? Sliced lemons or limes or oranges would be delicious.

And what do you think about frozen pineapple or mango chunks? YUM. Puree the fruits if you prefer them to mix in well.

How to serve ice cream floats

The color is what makes these ice cream floats stand out, so be sure to use a sturdy clear plastic cup or a simple glass cup, as shown. Chill a glass cup in the freezer for a few minutes for fun effect!

Check out these simple acrylic drinking glasses for a less-breakable, reusable option perfect for kids. (Let the little ones decorate them with stickers for a fun party activity!)

Colorful Ice Cream Floats For A Party From Remodelaholic


The adorable straws and long spoons compliment the fun of the drink and are also useful!

If a serving tray is in order for your party, check out our guide to buying or building one.

How to make an ice cream float

Serve the ice cream floats already made or lay the ingredients our buffet-style and let your guests make their own with the ice cream, soda flavors, and toppings they want.

1. Ice cream. Place several scoops into your drinkware. For perfectly-shaped ice cream, use a scoop that has a trigger.

Colorful Ice Cream Floats Kids Part Idea From RemodelaholicTIP: For a make-ahead shortcut, scoop balls of ice cream a bit beforehand. Spread them out on a lined cookie sheet or muffin tin and return them to the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

2. Soda. Slowly add the soda. Pour it in too quickly and you’ll have a soda volcano and a mess to clean up!

Blue Ice Cream Float Gender Reveal Party Idea From Remodelaholic

3. Toppings. Add the toppings you like. Stir gently, if desired.

4. Serve. Get the ice cream floats to your guests immediately.

Happy celebrating!

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Ice Cream Float – Blue Soda



  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Blue Soda like Jones or whatever you like


  • Candy meringues
  • Various types of marshmallows
  • Any candy you like
  • Fresh or frozen berries
  • Fruit puree
  • Frozen fruit chunks such as mango or pineapple

Ice Cream Floats For A Gender Reveal Party From Remodelaholic

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