Leigh Fibers new partnership results in bio-friendly efficiency materials

Textile firm Leigh Fibers has partnered with Tidal Imaginative and prescient, an organization which affords bio-friendly choices by proprietary formulation like these which lead to elevated sturdiness, flame retardant efficiency and extra for textiles.

WELLFORD, S.C. – Textile firm Leigh Fibers, which makes textiles for the house furnishings trade, has partnered with Tidal Imaginative and prescient, an organization that makes use of seafood byproducts known as chitosan, to supply biostatic, hearth retardant, anti-odor properties and different efficiency choices to textiles.

Leigh Fibers is utilizing Tidal Imaginative and prescient’s new Tidal-Tex resolution of water-based textile therapy which is utilized to textiles by a dip, spray or coating software to make sure the specified efficiency advantages for the material.

“Partnering with Tidal Imaginative and prescient is a win-win for our firm, our prospects and the surroundings,” stated Eric Westgate, Leigh Fibers. “Their Tidal-Tex product line delivers the important thing advantages that our prospects search for in textiles at a lower cost and is made out of sustainable supplies within the USA.”

Tidal-Tex is a water-based textile therapy resolution that’s formulated with a non-toxic, biodegradable biopolymer known as chitosan, the second most considerable biopolymer within the phrase. It’s taken from the exoskeleton of crustaceans akin to shrimp, clams and lobster. The chitosan bio-based therapies are then utilized to fibers, yarn, woven or nonwoven textiles.

“Our firm’s co-founders are from Juno, Alaska and had been industrial fishermen who regarded into discovering alternate makes use of for the trade by-products that had been being discarded,” stated Kari Ingalls, Tidal Imaginative and prescient director of textile enterprise growth. “They knew that making a sustainable product shouldn’t be a compromise on value, comfort or efficiency. The product needed to be pretty much as good as or higher than artificial merchandise, which may be poisonous – so as to acquire broad market adoption.”

Ingalls stated they’re now working to teach corporations and customers about the advantages of bio-friendly, non-toxic efficiency materials. Each corporations stated they’re trying ahead to the optimistic influence their partnership can have on the textile trade and the surroundings.

“Leigh Fibers is our perfect accomplice since their mission, values and enterprise mannequin are so synergetic with ours,” stated Tidal Imaginative and prescient CEO Craig Kasberg. “Each of our corporations produce sustainable options by upcycling byproducts that will in any other case find yourself in landfills, and thru vertical integration we offer excessive efficiency merchandise out of what was beforehand thought-about waste.”

Tidal Imaginative and prescient is now opening a brand new 24,000-square-foot facility inside Leigh Fiber’s 1,000,000-square-foot headquarters in South Carolina.

“We’re at the moment getting our plant outfitted with their equipment,” stated Brian Tickle, Leigh Fibers key account government. “We did the ribbon reducing in mid-July. We’ve been engaged on the partnership for 2 years and are enthusiastic about educating the general public about the advantages of those bio pleasant textile therapies.”

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