Modular Kitchen Design: A Style For Everyone

Modular kitchen options are trending in modern kitchen design. The kitchens are cheaper and use less space. Also, they make it easier to design the most important room in a home.

A Modular Kitchen: What Is It?

Modular kitchens are built with pre-made and measured cabinet units. The units come in many sizes and fit in most spaces. Also, they’re made in bulk, which means they’re cheaper. 

What are the Differences Between Modular and Non Modular Kitchens?

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There are modular, semi-modular, and custom-built kitchens. First, consider modular kitchens. These use units that are built in the factory and brought finished to the kitchen.

Semi-modular kitchens feature cabinet units built off-site. However, the designs use parts unique to each kitchen.

They have custom-built cabinets made on-site with unique designs. Also, their materials are more expensive.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

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The most common materials used to make modular kitchen cabinets are plywood, engineered wood like MDF and HDF, particleboard, metal, and wood.

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The materials have pros and cons. For example, solid wood is long-lasting but expensive. Meanwhile, plywood and MDF are cheaper but less durable.

Modular Kitchen Design

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There are things to consider when planning this type of kitchen. First, consider your kitchen’s layout. Think about the room’s shape. You might consider an L-shaped layout or U-shaped design for the best use of space.

Second, ask which appliances do you need, and where will they go? location.

Third, plan which materials you want for the cabinets and decide on a doors style.

Fourth, are there extra accessories you need like tall pantry cabinets?

Last, consider the lighting under the cabinets.  

Modular Kitchen Design Types 

There are so many design styles that are possible in modular kitchens. Now, let’s consider modular kitchen design photos. You will see how much variety is possible. Also, you might be inspired to use modular kitchen cabinets to reflect your style. 

Contemporary Modular Kitchen

Contemporary Modular KitchenView in gallery

First, from Michael Woodall comes this contemporary kitchen design. The colors of deep gray and white contrast with the warm wood counter on the island. The kitchen uses flat paneled cabinets. Plus, there is no open shelving which minimizes clutter and maximizes storage.

Finally, consider the lighting. The vertical rod pendant lights add task light over the island. You’ll notice recessed lighting above the sink and mood lighting above the cabinets. They bring out the clean simple kitchen style. 

Minimalist Modular Kitchen

Minimalist Modular KitchenView in gallery

Next, consider this minimalist-style kitchen in London designed by the Do South Shop. Notice the modular shelves and cabinets. They are adjustable as needed to hold what you have. There is open shelving for accessible tools.

There are closed cabinets for tools and clutter. The light wood color balances the black accents throughout the room. While this design style is edited it’s not spare.

Eclectic Modular Kitchen

Eclectic Modular KitchenView in gallery

This kitchen is from Logan Killen Interiors and uses light gray-blue base cabinets. Although the cabinets are modular, the kitchen feels unique. Design elements include the mirror above the sink and the antique light fixture.

The butcher block countertops and Shaker-style cabinet fronts complement the kitchen’s design. 

Mid-Century Modern Modular Kitchen

Mid-Century Modern Modular KitchenView in gallery

From Cucine Lube, the kitchen offers a mid-century modern style with a refined wood finish and sleek cabinet doors. Also, the gray walls, ring light fixture, and bar stools highlight the mid-century style. Copper splashes provide a contrast to the dark-toned room. 

Rustic Modular Kitchen

Rustic Modular KitchenView in gallery

Rustic style is not one that you think of as a modular kitchen option. However, DWFI Interiors creates a rustic kitchen using pre-built cabinets. The look is enhanced by the wood-paneled walls and ceiling beams. The brick backsplash and utensil bar above the range add to the kitchen’s practicality and rustic style. 

Industrial Style Modular Kitchen

Aster indutrial modular kitchenView in gallery

This kitchen features elements of industrial style. This includes exposed metals, spare styling, concrete, and open shelving. The island from Aster fits well, providing counter space and storage. Also, the wood walls with open shelving add warmth and color.

Traditional Modular Kitchen

Traditional Modular KitchenView in gallery

Consider this traditional-style kitchen design from Rencraft Ltd. The kitchen features two-toned basic cabinets. The design also showcases a deep gray island and soft white on the back wall cabinets for contrast.

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The wood tones of the seating and plants add texture to the room. Task lighting over the island works well for reading and prep work. The undermount lighting removes dark corners.

Farmhouse Modular Kitchen

Farmhouse Modular KitchenView in gallery

Notice the farmhouse kitchen from devolkitchens. Custom options are mixed with the dark blue cabinets. The open shelves, wooden table, beam ceiling, and stone floor complete the look. Plus, the antique gray-wash wicker chair and brass pendant lights add a unique charm. Finally, to create a similar style, consider using base cabinets. You can also customize the top with or without open shelving. 

Modern Rustic Modular Kitchen

Modern Rustic Modular KitchenView in gallery

From David Giral Photography comes this picture of a modern rustic kitchen. The white and wood-paneled cabinets are simple and clean.  Likewise, the chrome and black bar stools and the straight-lined kitchen island extend the modern style.

In addition, the antler light fixture over the island adds a rustic contrast. If you like this style, begin with cabinets that have straight lines. Next, add rustic pieces with leather and wood to accentuate the style.   

IKEA Modular Kitchen  

IKEA Modular Kitchen  View in gallery

The most famous of all Scandinavian kitchen designers is IKEA. The Bodbyn doors shown are painted soft white with a raised panel door. Options for glass fronts with a six-light window are available.

The designer uses black and butcher block counters for different prep surfaces. Next, notice the two-toned gray paneled walls which bring the white and black colors together. IKEA provides free in-store kitchen design advice. Further, they provide in-home consultation for $50.

Small Modular Kitchens  

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This small kitchen from Arclinea offers a modern design in a historic setting. The small galley kitchen uses two sections of white cabinet units. Although the kitchen is small, it has plenty of storage. In addition to the base cabinets, it has open shelving with a minimal style. Also, the cabinet wall offers more storage space. 

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets 

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Cabinets can be included in outdoor areas. These outdoor kitchens can extend your entertainment space. Plus, they add to the enjoyment of your home. However, outdoor cabinets are outside, so you need to consider the weather conditions before choosing your cabinet material.

Experts recommend stainless steel as it is weatherproof and will not rust or warp. Also, consider adding wood elements to the cabinets. Wood adds charm and color. You need to use stain or paint to create a barrier against moisture. Wood will not be as long-lasting as metal.  

Modular kitchen system for outdoorView in gallery

A cheaper way to add appliances to your outdoor kitchen is to buy a modular outdoor kitchen kit. These kits include a grill, refrigerator, sink, and bar area. One option for this is the Weber Modular Outdoor Kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Design Frequently Asked Questions

Why A Modular Kitchen?

First, modular kitchens work very well if you have a normal shape room. Also, they are great if you are trying to save money. However, depending on the level of customization, you can also consider semi-modular options for your space.

Are Modular Kitchens Good?

Modular kitchens are very good in terms of cost and using space. However, consider the materials used in various types of kitchens. Understandably, the more expensive materials will be longer-lasting. Also, look at reviews of kitchen providers because these help you know if others have had a good experience. 

What Are Modular Kitchen Accessories? 

Modular kitchen accessories refer to the extra options that are available besides the regular cabinet units. First, consider drawer units that have large drawers that pull out from below the counter to hold large pots. Next, think about where you will need tall pantry units for extra storage. Lastly, think about corner units. Importantly, these make use of the wasted space in the corners of rooms. 

How Much Do Aluminum Modular Kitchens Cost?

Aluminum cabinets are available at different prices. However, they are durable so they’re cost-efficient in the long run. Plus, they have a lower environmental cost than cabinets made from wood.

How Tall Are Kitchen Cabinets? 

The normal height for base cabinets is 34.5 inches. Also, counters raise the height of the cabinets to 35-36 inches. In addition, wall kitchen cabinets come in 30, 36, and 42-inch options. Lastly, a tall cabinet ranges from 84 to 96 inches. 

How Do You Design A Kitchen Layout?

First, consider your space, storage, and cooking needs. Second, look at the most popular layout types. Consider creating a work triangle for the best use of space. Third, count the costs based on the materials and colors of your design. Last, decide if you want to do this project yourself. If you feel like it is too much, talk to a company that makes these kinds of kitchens. In the end, having a provider will raise the cost of the project. However, it might save you time and grief in the long run. 

Modular Kitchen Design Conclusion

Modular options are an important and lasting trend in kitchen design. Importantly, they offer stylish and less expensive options than custom-built cabinets. In the end, you don’t have to choose all or none. There are many options for using modular units and then customizing them to fit your needs. Further, you can use them to fit any design style you desire. 

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