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Key Things to Understand about Vertical Gardens

You may have heard it but a lot of things are being said about vertical gardens. Using suspended panels, a vertical garden is a technique that is being used by plant growers to create a nice green wall. In essence, the structures can be either attached to a wall or can be freestanding too. Don’t be fooled, but vertical gardens are not new. Throughout history, there have been records where ancient civilizations had been building vertical gardens. Modern vertical gardens can last for a lot of years maybe decades. Vertical gardens are able to create nice memories at the same time earn some income to those who are engaged in this kind of planting.

In some ways, vertical gardens can be a nice alternative to plants on a pot for office spaces. Potted plants can be placed anywhere, they take up a lot of space and require too much maintenance. With vertical gardens there is only one space that needs to be maintained. The vertical gardens can be something that is able to provide luscious views but they can be easier to maintain than the potted plants.

Some people call vertical gardens using other terms. In some cases, the vertical gardens are being called living green walls, live walls, or moss walls. Whatever you call it, the idea is the same-creating a living wall of plants that can bring vitality. With the popularity of this kind of planting, it is easier today to buy some vertical garden pots. A vertical garden is flexible. Anyone can put a vertical garden that can be found in hotel lobbies, office lobbies, or even homes with very little space to have some plants. Vertical gardens are impressive to look at but can also can bring a lot of environmental comforts.

Vitality inside the office is what vertical gardens can provide. In some respects, a vertical garden is a way to make things nicer and makes the air inside the office less suffocating. The vertical garden most of the time composed of different ferns, or calathea being the most popular plant species included in most vertical gardens. The good thing with vertical gardens is the ability to fill an empty space and make it nice to look at. Thre are threats of air pollution inside most offices today. The good thing about vertical gardens is that they can filter the air inside and make the air healthier. Good thing with plants they can lower the noise, which in turn provide a quieter working environment.

The good thing today, there are plenty of companies that are willing to install a green wall inside the home or office. The systems that are available are often easy to maintain but a person can fail if he or she doesn’t know how to care for the plants.

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