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Remodelaholic | Installing Custom Wood Pre-Hung Doors

As we remodel our 1960’s house, we’re installing custom doors in the basement to match the original wood doors. This video shows our tips and tricks for hanging new doors. 

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About our Custom Wood Doors

In our mid-century home, the original doors are a really nice flat panel wood door, so we ordered custom doors to match for the basement remodel.

If you’re wanting to order custom wood doors, it takes some time for them to be built. It was about 3 weeks from order to delivery for our custom wood doors.

Our doors are custom solid birch veneer doors — so they’re not solid wood, but they are solid core and the veneer is solid birch wood.

Installing New Solid Wood Doors 1960's Basement Remodel Remodelahohlic

These doors are heavy, so I’m going to be adding a 3rd hinge for extra stability — really wish I had checked that detail before I ordered!

Our birch wood doors came unfinished, so we’ll sand and add a polyurethane finish. Then, they’ll just need hardware, so that will be coming.

Installing Custom Wood Doors

As you can see in the video, the door into our storage room has very little ceiling clearance, so that was tricky.

You can also see our low profile ceiling lights installed, with the drywall! 

I used the brackets shown in the video to help hold the door in place and get it positioned well. Great trick for installing a door in a tight spot!

Installing New Doors In A Basement Remodel, Shims For Door Frame Remodelaholic

I started on the hinge side of the door frame. Using shims and screws and a 6-foot level plus the brackets helps ensure that the door is hung perfectly straight.

Then I worked with across the top to level that section, then shimmed the other side of the frame so everything is lined up nice and straight and level.

I added some door foam to fill in the gaps and be a bit of preventive pest control, insulation, and sound management.

What’s Next

Next, I’m working on trim on these doors and on our TV nook (or will it be a piano nook?) that I showed in the basement update a couple weeks ago.

We’ve also got carpet coming and a bit of drywall finishing to get done before the carpet install.

Things are coming along nicely — be sure to subscribe to see the progress and (eventually) a finished reveal!


Install New Solid Wood Doors In A 1960's Basement Remodel, Remodelahohlic

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