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Remodelaholic | Winter Decorations: Snowman Wreath

Celebrate the chilly season with this easy winter decoration! Our easy, no-sew no-glue snowman wreath can be made in one afternoon.

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winter decoation, Snowman Wreath Tutorial From Remodelaholic

I saw this cute duct tape wreath by Jones Design Co while I was looking for inspiration, and I thought, “That would look cool in felt…” and the rest is history.

Winter Decorations: Snowman Wreath Tutorial

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Supplies needed to make a Snowman Wreath for winter decoration:


Instructions for making a Snowman Wreath winter decoration:

1. Cut your felt.

7 – 5″ wide strips, 60″ long

4 – 4″ wide strips, 60″  long

Fold each strip in half the long way, so they are either 2″ or 2.5″ inches wide and 60″ inches long.  Cut perpendicular to the fold toward the two cut edges, leave about 1/4″ of an  inch attached.  See images below. These are the tab strips.


Cutting the felt for a snowman wreath by Remodelaholic

2. Pin strips to the back of the form.

Begin pinning the 5″ wide strips to the back of the wreath form.

With the back side of the wreath facing up, pin the felt into the back of the wreath form all around the outer edge and the inner edge of the wreath form.  I used one pin for each “tab” of felt.

Attaching the felt to the wreath form for a diy snowman wreath from Remodelaholic

3. Pin strips to the inner and outer edges

Continuing with the 5″ strips, add 2 strips to the inner edge and 2 to the outer edge of the wreath form.

Work with the wreath face-up. At the inner edge, pin the first strip so that the tabs stick straight out to the front as seen in the left side of the picture below, then fold it back to make the tab “stand up” as seen in the right side of the picture below. Pin the tabs at the base to keep them “standing up”. Repeat with a second row on the inner edge.

Next, add two rows to the outer edge, making them “stand up” in the same way.

How To Make A Snowman Wreath For Winter Decorations, Tutorial From Remodelaholic

After two rows have been added to the center and two rows added to the outer edge, the felt is now level with the front of the wreath.

Snowman Winter Wreath Tutorial from Remodelaholic

4. Cover the form

Once your felt is level with the front you need to cover the form with some of the excess felt so that the green doesn’t show through.

Snowman Winter Wreath Tutorial from RemodelaholicHow to make a Snowman Wreath by Remodelaholic

5. Add 2 more strips of tabs on the front

Attach 2 strips of tabs to the front of the wreath form, one pointing to the outer edge, one to the inner.

Using the last 5″ strip of tabs, pin it pointing toward outer edge of the front, bringing it in toward the middle 1/4 to 1/2 inch so that the layers behind can be seen.

For the next layer of tabs use a 4″ strip and point the tabs toward the inner edge. I liked the look better when I cut each tab off the strip and then attached them each individually to lay flat on the inner front. Attach the tabs so that the layers behind can be seen, similar to the outer edge tabs.

How to make a snowman wreath for your door, from Remodelaholic

6.  Add 3 loop layers.

Too keep the pins hidden, we are going to “loop” the next 3 or 4 strips of 4″ felt.

Unfold one strip of tabs and, starting near the last layer added to the outside edge, pin one of the corners to the wreath form with the right side of the fabric down.  Now, “loop”  the fabric into a tunnel with the right side of the fabric facing out. Overlap the edges inside the tunnel, against the wreath form. Going through both layers, place pins between the loops created by the tunnel.

When the first line of loops is done, push the loops toward the outer edge and add another strip. After you have added 3, you can determine if you want to add another for more fulness or if it looks nice and full with just 3.

Loop portion of diy snowman wreath from Remodelaholic

(Technically, if you just want a white wreath for your winter decorations, you can be done now.)

How To Make A Snowman Wreath, From Remodelaholic

If you want the snowman wreath, then you will need to make some accessories.

7. Make coal pieces for the eyes and mouth of snowman wreath winter decoration

With some scraps of black fabric, create 2 coal eyes and a mouth. I liked a 6-piece mouth. Take a 2″ x 6″ strip of fabric and create a loose knot.  Take the two ends, run the pin through them, shape the fabric and pin into place on the wreath, reshaping if needed.

Snowman Winter Wreath Tutorial from Remodelaholic Snowman Winter Wreath by Remodelaholic


How to build a snowman wreath by RemodelaholicTutorial For Making A Snowman Wreath for winter decoration From Remodelaholic

8. Make the nose

Create a funnel with orange paper. Tape or staple to hold its shape and pin it onto the wreath.  (Forgot pictures!  Sorry!)

9. Make the top hat for the snowman wreath

Next, create a half of a top hat using the black paper.

Create the brim by cutting a half ellipse on 1/3 of the black paper.   (Err on the big side: mine is about 4″ by 12″. You can cut it down to fit your wreath when you get it in place.)

Snowman Wreath tutorial from Remodelaholic

For the barrel of the hat, cut a 5″ x 12″ rectangle.  Fold a long edge 1/2″ down and notch the fold so that you can curve the barrel and attach it to the brim.

how to make Snowman Winter Wreath for your door from Remodelaholic

This picture is to show the notches. To make the hat, bend the notched paper the opposite direction so the notches are inside the hat, overlapping each other a bit. How to make a winter snowman wreath from Remodelaholic

Do a rough fit of the hat to your snowman wreath and adjust the brim or barrel of the hat so it looks good. Glue or tape the barrel to the brim. Add a ribbon. I simply stapled mine to the back of the hat.Tutorial for a snowman wreath from Remodelaholic

Pin the hat to the snowman wreath and add more ribbon, if desired.

Hang it up and …… DONE!

Isn’t this snowman wreath so cute and festive?

If you make one for your winter decorations, we’d love to see it! Submit your your photo here.

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