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Things That You Should Have When Doing Bulk Sanding

Great sanding is essentially important in achieving a nice and smooth finish or look on wood and timber surface by preparing it for the final application of paint and varnish, or increasing the value in price due to the neat smooth look that comes out in the end. When using bulk sand paper helps remove the roughness and other imperfection on pieces of wood, the following things have to be present when applying great and neat finishes to wood surfaces.

One of the first things that should be part and parcel of achieving a great sanding result is ensuring that the wood that you intend to do bulk sanding is clean. This includes removing any kinds of abrasives and other sharp or rough objects that could cause scratches and prevent you from achieving a flawless look on the wood. Other impurities such as oil stains may also end up ruining your sand paper, making it important to ensure that the wood is clean before going ahead with the sanding.

The other thing that you should have in order to achieve great sanding results is enough light. Having ample light is important as it ensures that all rough patches are visible, including tight angles and edges that may not be easily noticeable. This is extremely important as having light from all angles help reveal all the marks that need smoothing and therefore create an even beautiful result after completion.

Another thing that you should do when sanding is the consideration of using little water in the sanding process. This is due to the fact that there is a possibility of some of the fibers in the wood to be lying low, and could be raised by lightly damping the piece of wood. By using water to raise the fibers that are lying low, smoothing of the whole wood surface is therefore made possible, hence resulting in a clean neat finish. This is especially beneficial to bowls, rolling pins, etc. that you will wash between uses.

Another thing that you should have when doing bulk sanding is the technical know how in differentiating how different types of sand papers achieve different types of sanding results on wood surfaces. This will help you determine when to use what type of sandpaper for both rough and fine work in order to avoid leaving scratch marks after finishing the sanding work. Having different sanding equipments such as random-orbit sanders, palm sanders, belt sanders, and orbital sanders is therefore important when sanding as they almost guarantee efficiency and safety of the work piece when creating a great flawless finish.

Another thing that you should have when sanding is mineral spirits. This is due to the fact that some sanding work requires the application of mineral spirits during the sanding process in order to remove fine sawdust. This helps in revealing hidden scratches and flaws which could still present after finishing the sanding work as well as give you a good idea as to how the final piece will come out looking like.

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