Why UK Universities Are Funding Irish Students To Come Home To Vote

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• Breaking from the Past: Understanding how unpopular former president George W. Bush’s approach to foreign policy was in the Muslim world, Obama sought to make clear that his administration was taking agency steps to offer a clear break from the ways issues had been done. While calling the terrorists attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 an “monumental trauma” for the United States, Obama added that the “fear” and “anger” it provoked “led us to behave contrary to our traditions and our beliefs.” Obama additionally referred to the conflict in Iraq as a “struggle of alternative” (contrasting it with the battle in Afghanistan) and added that the Iraq scenario should serve as reminder to American of the “need to use diplomacy” and “construct international consensus” to resolve conflicts. The message was clear: I am not George Bush and it is a new day in how America views its roll on the planet.

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