When you enter someone’s home or a public place, such as a hotel or a restaurant, you get the first impression of its furnishings in just a couple of seconds. It means that the very first spot you’ll see most likely will be an entrance hall or a lobby. So, let’s pay more attention to furnishing the zone you set your eyes on when you walk through the front door.

In most homes, entryway is not large, and you can’t clutter it with furniture. You need free space there to move freely when you, say, are putting on your overcoat and casting one last glance in the mirror before leaving home.

Thus, a mirror is a must-have at the entryway. So is a console table to put various small things on. And, as a final touch, you’ll need lighting fixtures to provide proper task lighting.

All things considered, an optimal ensemble for an average entryway could be a pair of sconces on both sides of the mirror, plus a console table under it. Let’s browse through mirrors, consoles, and lamps from Bellavista Collection and make up a few combinations out of numerous possible options.

Mirrors from Bellavista come virtually in all shapes and sizes. Round, oval, square, and rectangular, varying from relatively small wall-mounted mirrors to huge floor standing looking-glasses. What is more, the same model often is available in two or more variants that may differ in size and shape.  For example, the elegant mirror named VASCO could be either rectangular (80 x 200 centimeters, or 31.5 x 78.7 inches) or square, with two size options: 50 x 50 or 100 x 100 centimeters (19.7 and 39.4 inches respectively).

Its frame, made of smoked beveled mirror with the edge details in natural solid walnut wood, looks exquisite indeed. The frame of one more wall-mounted mirror, PASCAL, is a real attention-grabber.  The edge details and decorative studs are made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, and inserts – of solid moka-stained oak, alternating with clear and fumé beveled mirror. PASCAL is rectangular, and its dimensions – 115 x 200 centimeters or 45.3 x 78.7 inches – make this mirror a good choice when you need a medium-sized one for an average-sized (i.e., not very large) entryway.

Or do you prefer oval mirrors? If yes, take a look at VANITY, an elegant oval wall-mounted mirror with a metal frame. It comes in two sizes, either of which would be a good pick for an entrance hall. The smaller one is 42 centimeters wide and 122 centimeters high (16.5x 48 inches) – it will suit you if your entryway isn’t spacious. The bigger model is 63 x 183 centimeters (24.8 71.3 inches). Both options have a thin metal frame with antique silver or antique bronze finish.

Either of these finishes will perfectly harmonize with metal structure of Bellavista’s sconces. It’s up to you to choose one to your liking. Just open the brand’s online catalog (i.e., PRODUCTS section of the website) and pick the product category named LIGHTING. The sub-categories you’ll see there have quite self-explanatory names: CHANDELLIERS, FLOOR LAMPS, CANDLE HOLDERS, TABLE LAMPS, and SCONCES. When you open the last one, you’ll see a number of beautiful designer wall lamps. What about the recently designed STILO, AGATA, or OLIVIA? Created in 2109 (AGATA) and 2022 (STILO and OLIVIA), they have already become bestsellers.

AGATA was first showcased at Salone del Mobile in 2019 and stays popular ever since them. It isn’t surprising: thanks to its exquisite design, AGATA easily blends into any interior. Its overall shape somehow resembles a vintage lantern, and the combination of the antique bronze finish of the structure and white matte glass of the diffuser pleases the eye.

STILO and OLIVIA both are beautiful, yet dissimilar indeed. Just look at the seemingly simple rectangular outline of STILO – and at OLIVIA, with its rounded lines and decorative detail made of faceted crystal. Both can become a part of a remarkable set for an entryway.

Nobody will argue that a console table is a must-have here, and the handiest place for it will be under a mirror. Let’s take a look at just a couple of consoles from Bellavista Collection, suitable for an entryway.

The luxurious console table RITZ belongs to Dulcechina collection – a group of 12 items designed in 2018. All of them were inspired by the timeless charm of Orient. The tabletop or RITZ is made of a slab of natural white onyx – a semi-precious stone extremely popular in the Far East. What is more, this gorgeous stone is backlit with LED lights, which makes this table look truly magnificent.

Depending on how much room you have, you can choose among three variants of RITZ, which are 160 centimeters (63 inches), 180 centimeters (70.9 inches), or 200 centimeters (78.7 inches) wide.

The feet of this table are made of cast brass with antique bronze finish; as to the structure, it is wooden, with six veneering options to choose from.

One more console, ELIZABETH, is a dozen-year-old bestseller: it was created in 2010. Its base is made of hammered cast brass with antique bronze finish, refined by hand. The tabletop, made of solid wood, could either be clad in belting leather (with six colors to choose from) or veneered in four woods, two of them with or without glossy finish.  And that’s not to mention two size options, 140 centimeters (70.9 inches) and 180 centimeters (55.1 inches) wide.

By the way, putting a table lamp onto a console also creates a good set for an entryway.

What about DALIA from the 2020 collection, whose general idea was celebrating the beauty of Nature? The cast bronze structure, shaped as some phantastic plant or flower petals, could be covered with either of the two finishes: antique bronze and black patina. Both look pretty well with white linen of the lampshade and white glass of the diffuser.

There is one trait that makes all items from Bellavista Collection special: great versatility of their design. It means that whatever lamp, mirror, or console table you pick, they will look great together. It became possible thanks to the inimitable Bellavista style – the combination of tastefulness and timeless elegance that will never go out of vogue.

By trojan