Bamboo counter tops are more and more widespread with householders as a substitute for conventional supplies due to their sturdiness, sustainability, and heat. Counter tops constructed from treelike grass bamboo supply an analogous look and texture to wooden counter tops however are tougher and longer lasting.

Types of Bamboo Countertops

In contrast to marble and granite counter tops, bamboo affords beautiful magnificence at a fraction of the fee. Bamboo can also be a fast-growing materials, so you’ll be able to be ok with utilizing this renewable useful resource as a part of your eco-friendly kitchen design.

Sorts of Bamboo Counter tops

There are 4 fundamental forms of bamboo counter tops that current completely different floor appearances: vertical grain, finish grain, flat grain, and strand woven.

  • Vertical Grain – Vertical grain bamboo counter tops are the commonest model for bamboo counter tops. Producers create this model after they be a part of collectively strips of bamboo to create a vertical sample. You possibly can acknowledge this model due to the striped sample and the vertical orientation of the strains.
  • Finish Grain – Finish grain bamboo counter tops are also called parquet butcher block and may function the identical sample. Producers make these counter tops by gluing brief blocks of bamboo collectively in distinct patterns. Due to the tight grain and sample of this kind of countertop, it’s the greatest bamboo floor for resisting scratches.
  • Flat Grain – Flat grain counter tops are additionally known as face grain as a result of they’re created by opening the bamboo and becoming a member of the items face-up.
  • Strand Woven – Strand woven counter tops would not have the stark strains that grain counter tops do. As a substitute, producers create these counter tops by weaving strands along with adhesive after which urgent them below excessive strain. Strand woven bamboo counter tops have an look that’s extra much like strong wooden.

Development of Bamboo Counter tops

All bamboo counter tops require adhesive and strain to bind the items collectively as there isn’t any piece of bamboo massive sufficient to create a really strong floor. That stated, there are strong bamboo counter tops and plywood bamboo counter tops they usually differ within the uncooked supplies used to create the tip product. Each of those building strategies produce counter tops which are sturdy, laborious, and appropriate for kitchen use.

  • Strong Bamboo Counter tops – Strong bamboo counter tops come in several thicknesses and inner buildings. Producers create them by gluing strong bamboo items collectively in varied patterns.
  • Plywood Bamboo Counter tops – Fabricators make plywood bamboo counter tops by gluing sheets of bamboo collectively below excessive strain. After fabricators create the boards or panels, they’ll minimize them aside to show completely different grain patterns.

Value of Bamboo Counter tops

Bamboo counter tops value between $25-$100 per sq. foot for simply the supplies. For a 50-square-foot part, count on to pay between $2,000-$3,000 on common for the counter tops. Labor prices are likely to run between $5-$15 per sq. foot. The worth might be kind of relying on the kind of bamboo utilized in creating the countertop in addition to the standard and sturdiness of the adhesives.

The most costly sort of bamboo counter tops is created from Moso bamboo, which is well-known for its power and sturdiness. Adhesives that don’t use formaldehyde and are environmentally pleasant enhance the worth however are higher for making a wholesome kitchen atmosphere. It can save you cash in your bamboo counter tops by evaluating costs between producers, ready for gross sales, buying a cheaper model and end referred to as builder’s grade, and putting in the bamboo counter tops your self.

On a regular basis Look after Bamboo Counter tops

The on a regular basis care of bamboo counter tops is simple and easy however ought to be maintained if you wish to protect the standard of your bamboo counter tops.

  • Clear Spills Promptly – Like wooden counter tops, bamboo can stain if left uncovered to standing water. Clear up liquid spills as they happen.
  • Keep away from Abrasive Merchandise – Use a comfortable fabric or sponge and heat water or delicate cleaning soap to wash the floor as wanted. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or pads, as these can scratch the floor.
  • Use Chopping Boards – Fairly than minimize instantly on the floor of your bamboo counter tops, use reducing boards to organize meals. This can stop scratches and dents from marring the floor.
  • Use Trivets and Sizzling Pads – Bamboo counter tops can’t stand up to warmth and may burn if uncovered to scorching surfaces. Use trivets for warm pans and pots to keep away from marking the floor.

Lengthy-Time period Upkeep for Bamboo Counter tops

You must count on some long-term care of bamboo counter tops to maintain them trying beautiful.

  • Keep away from Injury – Observe proactive upkeep of your counter tops and keep away from actions that may create injury. Use reducing boards for meals prep. Don’t go away any standing water or different liquid on the countertop, which creates stains. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, which destroy the end on the counter tops. Additionally, don’t place scorching pots and pans instantly on the floor of the bamboo with no trivet or scorching plate. Doing this could create burn marks that should be eliminated with sanding.
  • Oil the Floor Usually – It is important that you just apply a coat of oil to your bamboo counter tops each couple of months as a way to keep away from a dry and brittle floor. Use a food-safe oil like linseed, tung, or mineral oil. Apply the oil with a comfortable fabric. Enable the oil to penetrate the floor earlier than wiping off the surplus with a clear fabric.
  • Think about a Sealer – Some folks use linseed, tung, or mineral oil to seal the floor of their bamboo counter tops. Others want a extra long-lasting choice like polyurethane or varnish. A protracted-term sealant shouldn’t be a obligatory step and ought to be thought of in mild of household allergens and meals publicity preferences.
  • Sand Out Scratches – When scratches or dents happen, it’s essential to sand them out with fine-grit sandpaper. Use sandpaper that has a grit of 120-180. Rigorously sand within the path of the grain till you could have eliminated the mark and the floor is easy once more. Use a better grain to complete if you need the floor smoother.
  • Deal with Injury Rapidly – All the time handle any issues along with your counter tops rapidly as leaving them can create bigger issues as time passes.

Professionals and Cons of Bamboo Counter tops

Bamboo counter tops have distinct qualities that create distinctive positives and negatives that you need to think about earlier than an preliminary funding.


  • Eco-Pleasant – Bamboo is a renewable useful resource as a result of it’s a fast-growing useful resource that may be harvested with out harming the atmosphere. The bamboo plant requires little or no water to develop and may thrive with out pesticides and fertilizers making it a extra eco-friendly countertop than different wooden choices.
  • Affordability – Bamboo counter tops are cheaper than pure stone counter tops like granite and marble. In comparison with wooden counter tops, they’re much like many mid-range selections however lower than high-priced woods like teak and unique woods like zebrawood.
  • Simple Care – Bamboo counter tops are straightforward to wash and keep, as you’ll be able to wipe them down with a comfortable fabric and water. They naturally resist the expansion of micro organism and mould.
  • Look – Bamboo has the identical heat and textured look as wooden counter tops. You possibly can fluctuate the look of bamboo counter tops in keeping with the model of the floor.
  • Sturdiness – Bamboo is a tough and sturdy materials. It has a superb strength-to-weight ratio making bamboo kitchen counter tops a really perfect floor for counter tops.


  • Liable to Scratches – Despite the fact that bamboo is sturdy, it’s liable to scratches from knives, pots, and pans. It is very important word you can simply sand out the scratches when wanted.
  • Common Upkeep – The upkeep of bamboo is simple nevertheless it does should be continuously maintained to ensure that the counter tops to look their greatest. This contains common cleansing and oiling of the floor.
  • Water Resistance – Bamboo counter tops are usually not water-resistant. It’s essential to clear up spills from water and different liquids rapidly and never enable them to sit down as they’ll trigger staining.
  • Warmth Resistance – Bamboo kitchen counter tops can’t stand up to warmth and may burn if uncovered to scalding surfaces.
  • Restricted Shade and Designs – Bamboo is offered in only one shade, although in quite a lot of configurations. It’s potential to alter the colour of the bamboo countertop with both stain or darkish oils, however one should apply the stain rigorously as bamboo takes stain in a different way than many softwoods.

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