Directors of PMOs make the most, raking in a solid $134,791 on average a year. Note that project size also has a substantial impact on salary as well—the Project Management Institute found that project managers make 40% more if they are managing projects that surpass $10 million. Where you work can have a huge impact on earnings, in addition to your education, experience, specialization, project team size, and industry. Project managers should consider these factors when considering their potential salary and career growth. The industry that pays project managers the most is the information technology industry, based on the research by Team Gantt in 2022. Project managers in computer software and hardware, architecture and civil engineering, and biotech and pharmaceuticals can earn over $90,000 annually.

How much do project managers make

Data from job posting site ZipRecruiter indicates that project management jobs in the San Francisco Bay, Boston, and New York City areas tend to have the highest annual salaries. For example, project managers earn the most in Australia, Switzerland, and the United States, averaging a salary of $134,658, $133,605, and $108,000, respectively. On the other end of the spectrum, project managers can only expect to earn $24,201, $27,052, and $27,156 in China, India, and Egypt. In top-paying project management industries such as government, projects are more complex and often require specialized knowledge of particular software, making project management salaries higher than average. A recent global study found that professionals with a PMP certification earn 22 percent more on average than those without one across all countries and industries.

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Then, once you get a couple of programming languages under your belt, start building projects to familiarize yourself with the development process. Plus, expanding on your technical knowledge will make it easier to communicate with your dev teams and other stakeholders throughout your career. For example, a manager at Wipro makes a little less than average — around $80,443. Meanwhile, a Project Manager at Cisco Systems brings home a salary of $134,065. It’s important to remember that because each company’s projects are so different, what they pay their Project Managers will vary just as much.

How much do project managers make

Your job field isn’t the only thing that can impact your salary as a project manager. As with most jobs, experience, education, location, and your employer will make a big difference. It’s no secret that years of experience or an advanced degree can help you boost your salary no matter what career path you follow. In project management, the certification you’ve earned and the size of the project or product you’re tackling can make a difference in your paycheck. That’s a substantial difference; one that grows exponentially as your project management career advances. The national average annual wage of a project manager specialist is $98,420, according to the BLS, a full $40,000 more than the average annual salary for all occupations, $58,260.

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For instance, the highest paying metropolitan area for industrial project managers is New Orleans, Louisiana, according to the BLS. The mean (average) salary for industrial project managers in the city–$171,890–is significantly higher than the average in any state. Salaries for project management specialists by metro area, according to the BLS, are below. Enroll in a post-graduate degree in project management to increase your project manager courses project management knowledge and employ more innovative project management methodology. You can also attend project management bootcamps to increase your technical skills, learn more project management tools and project management software, and handle more project plans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages vary in different states or cities because of the local demand for the job and the cost of living.

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