Industrial Air Conditioner

Lowering the room temperature to 5 degrees cooler by using natural air from outside. Suitable for use by large scale industries such as factories, warehouses, food courts, hotels and for small scale industries such as restaurants, gyms, Labor Intensive Industries to private homes. Fresh Air Circulation in large quantities (18 Thousand Cubic Air / hour) also means Prevention of Viruses during this Pandemic.


Evaporative Air Coolers are designed to provide comfort and coolness from hot conditions and weather, while other types of coolers are more expensive or even impossible to implement and use.

Air Cooler does not work like a room cooler with a compressor and freon gas. Air Cooler cools the air using water and electricity, which works best in hot climates. Air Coolers should not be used in closed rooms. Air Coolers must be kept stable and there must be water in the tank. The room must have open doors and windows so that air can circulate, starting from the window where fresh air flows into the Air Cooler, circulating air, which then exits through the door.


  • Our product works with only a little water & a little electricity
  • Our products don’t use Freon, so they really support the Go Green movement and don’t damage the Earth
  • Our products average 2 lower temperatures up to 5 ° C from outdoor temperature
  • Our product is more efficient because it only uses 10% electricity compared to using AC
  • Ready spare parts


The Evaporative Air Cooler provides effective cooling by combining natural process evaporation – with a reliable air drive system. Fresh outside air is cleaned through saturated evaporation media, cooled by evaporation, and circulated by blowers. Evaporative Air Cooler is ideal for bigger open regions. Cool huge districts like stockrooms, sports halls, greenhouses shopping areas, get together districts. Evaporative cooling structures offer an insignificant expense alternative to air exchange. Easily installed on walls, windows and roofs, it not only provides cooling, but also circulates fresh air into the room.

Tips for Buying Evaporative Coolers and Portable Air Conditioners

So which type of cooling is better for you? Check out our recommendations to help you decide.

Portable Air Conditioners can be purchased if they fit the following conditions:

  • You experience humid conditions for at least half of the day, wherever you live.
  • You can easily run the drain hose through the window.
  • You need additional dehumidification in your home.
  • You have a pollen allergy and need to close windows.
  • You need a little extra cooling on the hottest days.

Evaporative Coolers can be purchased if they fit the following conditions:

  • You live in a mostly dry climate and are not bothered by humidity.
  • You want to save electricity in the dry season You want an environmentally friendly cooling system.
  • You need additional humidity in your home.
  • You have good air quality in summer and can keep your windows open.


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